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IPL Acne Treatments


IPL Acne Treatments

Younger Looking Skin

Everyone wants younger looking skin and look their best. Imperfections of the skin such as unwanted leg veins, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone make you look older despite your best efforts to defer the signs of aging. Improvements to IPL technologies now makes this possible and has become the choice of Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and other specialists. The wavelength that IPL can define is from 530nm to 1080nm wavelength that allows for the best tissue interaction between light and soft tissue creating the controlled wounding needed to correct a variety of aesthetic skin conditions.

IPL corrects unwanted skin conditions such as veins, brown (age) spots, inflammatory acne, uneven skin tone, and a variety of other (red and brown) conditions associated with the skin safely and effectively without the down-time. Results happen almost immediately and problem skin conditions can be completely eliminated or controlled within a few visits.

Here’s How it Works:

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) lasers use non-coherent, non-monochromatic, and defocused light to be able to treat areas of the epidermal layers of skin in a non-ablative manner. What makes IPL so popular is primarily due to its flexibility in wavelengths and its ability to attract browns and reds particularly in the facial areas. IPL is the definition of photofacial and is extremely effective in treating pigmentation issues, acne bacteria, vascular veins and lesions, as well as used in laser hair reduction treatments. IPL has replaced lasers as the gold standard for these conditions due to its efficacy, safety, and patient comfort.

IPL Acne treatments work very well for the destruction of bacteria caused by inflammatory acne. IPL reduces the bacteria load of the excess sebum production of the sebaceous glands and gives temporary clearance for the inflamation. Typically, IPL is used as a conjunctive therapy for other treatments for acne and not as a stand alone since it does not correct the reason for the overproduction of sebum, mechanical blockages of the pores, or excess androgen production responsible for acne. IPL acne treatments work very well in reducing flare-ups and inflammation that gives very effective and fast relief for patients suffering from this skin condition.


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