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Chemical Peels


Chemical Peels

Aesthetic Chemical Peels

The human skin is the largest organ in the human body and is exposed to UV sun damage, neglect, and the natural aging process. As we grow older, prior neglect or damage to the skin begins to appear in a variety of ways; pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, wrinkles, uneven skin tone etc. Many of these underlying conditions can either be corrected or deferred through the use of medical grade chemical peels, microdermabrasion, cosmeceuticals, and lasers. The science that accompanies these treatment modalities is just as important since there are many products and claims to reverse the process of the aging skin.

The one truth about skincare is that it is never too early to start to take care of your skin. Chemical Peels in conjunction with microdermabrasion is a great starting point to achieving your desire for younger, healthier looking skin and is still considered to be the “gold standard” amongst Dermatologists. There are a variety of different chemical peels available and each type of chemical peel has varying benefits. As part of your initial consultation we will discuss with you the various types of peels and the added benefit of microdermabrasion. In addition, we will advise you of various cosmeceutical products available to maintain or correct various skin disorders and help devise a maintenance program so you may enjoy the results of your treatments for many years to come.

The goal of facial aesthetics and the endpoint to the series of treatments of chemical peels and microdermabrasion is to promote exfoliation of the epidermis (thinning), induce wounding of the dermis, and allow for increased lymph flow which provides cleaning, toning and reduced redness. By wounding the dermis, the dermal layer will heal itself by producing more collagen that in turn will reduce or reverse dermal thinning, thus improving tone, texture, tonicity and reducing wrinkle precursors.

In essence, by wounding the skin we are allowing the skin to heal itself, reduce the thickening of the epidermis, allow for more blood flow and nutrients to the skin. Promoting increased collagen production will allow for greater elasticity of the skin and correction prior skin conditions caused by UV exposure or of the aging process.

Skin Renewal Peel

This peel uses glycolic acid to smooth and brighten skins clarity. It exfoliates dead skin and promotes new health skin to grow. Men can also enjoy this peel to get rid of unwanted ingrown hair. A series of treatments are recommended.

Pumpkin Peel

This peel uses pumpkin pulp and papaya extract to exfoliate dead skin. These enzymes promote rapid cellular turnover and give your skin a supple and tight feel. This is a perfect peel before an event or special night because of the immediate results.

Signature Radiance Peel

So long, farewell and good-bye to clogged pores, breakouts, fine lines and age spots. This peel is very strong yet gentle enough for most skin types. With the use of salicylic and glycolic acid one peel can even out skin texture, complexion, improve hydration, and decrease acne. It also prevents acne. A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results.

High Performance “TCA” Peel

Get your skin into shape with our strongest and most highly effective peel. Tri-chlora-cetic acid is a synthetic chemical, which causes structural changes in the skin resulting in brand new skin with smoother, softer, and more youthful appearance. This takes care of fine lines, some wrinkles, age spots, acne, freckles, scarring, and can tighten the skin. In other words you will look “HOT”!


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