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Over the years, your skin has been exposed to a number of environmental stressors, which cause damage that can reach the deepest layers of your skin. Photodamage, caused by the sun’s harmful rays, is the main cause of the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots that you may already see or you will eventually see on your face. The Obagi Nu-Derm System is the physician-dispensed, prescription-strength skincare system that can actually transform your skin at the cellular level. By addressing the signs of photodamage and restoring the healthy function of your skin cells, this system is clinically proven to result in younger- and healthier-looking skin.

Increases cellular turnover rate:

Continually pushes fresh cells to the surface more quickly
Results: Even skin tone causes basal layer of skin to produce cells that are more uniform resulting in better skin structure.

Reduces overactive melanocyte production:

Pigmented skin cells begin to become regulated – creating a more even toned appearance
Results: Reduced hyperpigmentation
Stimulates fibroblasts
Increases collagen formation
Results: Stronger, more resilient skin with fewer lines and wrinkles


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