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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

What are Dermal Fillers at IMAGE Medi-Spa Fargo?
Dermal fillers help to diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness in the face. As we age, our faces naturally lose subcutaneous fat. The facial muscles are then working closer to the skin’s surface, so smile lines and crow’s feet become more apparent. The facial skin also stretches a bit, adding to this loss of facial volume. Other factors that affect the facial skin include sun exposure, heredity and lifestyle.

Dermal fillers can plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases and wrinkles, improve the appearance of recessed scars, reconstruct contour deformities in the face, and decrease or remove the shadow of the lower lids. Dermal fillers can be very helpful in those with early signs of aging, or as an added value to those who have undergone facial rejuvenation surgery.

Who is a candidate for filler?
If you are physically healthy with realistic goals regarding your appearance, and are committed to maintaining good skin health, you may be a candidate for dermal fillers. Additionally, if you have hollow lines or wrinkles, fat loss in your face due to age or other factors, or are seeking to add volume to any aspect of your face, neck, or other body parts, fillers may be a good treatment for you.

Is it safe for me to have Dermal Filler?
Dermal fillers have risks like any other medical procedure, but overall very safe.  At IMAGE Medi-Spa, we use only FDA-approved fillers that have been purchased directly from the manufacturer. Our fillers are injected in a medical setting using sterile instruments by highly trained medical professionals.  Severe complications from dermal fillers are very uncommon. Potential risks include acne-like skin eruptions, asymmetry, bruising, bleeding, or swelling at injection site, infection at injection site, lumps, skin rash with itching, skin redness, under or over correction of wrinkles, blindness, skin necrosis. The majority of these risks can be mitigated by choosing a medical facility that uses FDA-approved fillers that are injected by trained medical professionals.  Lucky for you, you are safe at IMAGE Medi-Spa with our highly trained medical professionals.  We have years of experience (since 2007), years of education, and continuously train to bring you the safest treatments possible.  

Treatable areas at IMAGE Med-Spa

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Mouth Lines & folds
  • Tear Troughs 
  • Fine Lines
  • Jaw Line
  • Jowl 
  • Chin
  • Temples
  • Ear Lobes 
  • Upper face hollowing
  • Lower face definition 


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